Why Ethereum NFT Creators Are Giving Away Commercial Rights—To Everyone

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7w ago2022-08-04

In brief

  • Popular NFT project Moonbirds will switch to a CC0 license, putting its artwork in the public domain.
  • As with other CC0 projects, it means that the artwork can be freely used, remixed, and commercialized.

Moonbirds is one of 2022’s most successful NFT projects, yielding more than half a billion dollars’ worth of trading volume in a matter of months. Buying one will cost you at least $29,000 worth of ETH as of this writing. But its creators have now decided that you won’t have to own a Moonbird to use its imagery.

Proof—the Web3 startup behind the Proof Collective NFT group and Moonbirds—announced that it will transition Moonbirds and the recent Oddities NFT collections to a CC0, or Creative Commons Zero, license.

Effectively, it means that no rights are reserved by the creators, and it puts the artwork into the public domain. As a result, anyone can use the Moonbirds or Oddities artwork and likenesses to create and sell derivative projects, merchandise, apparel—anything.