Web 3 Payment Solution, PIP Button Launches To Enhance Simple Blockchain Payments For Content Creators

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10w ago2022-06-20

The new improved payment solution will leverage blockchain technology to offer users one of the simplest and cheapest payment systems in websites and personal media. 

Solana-based payment solution, PIP Button announced its launch introducing one of the simplest and most effective ways for users to monetize their content and receive payments via blockchain technology. Announced Monday, June 20, 2022, the payment solution will require no coding to integrate into websites and third-party apps, helping everyone integrate blockchain payment systems and monetize content frictionlessly. 

“Compared to legacy payment systems that demand complex knowledge and coding experience to attach, this simple button made with just a few clicks will provide the gateway to the innovative payment infrastructure without any obstacles,” a team statement from PIP Button reads. 

The payment solution leverages blockchain technology to ease payment processes for content creators while offering a privacy-enhanced and secure solution that enables millions of users to pay for creative content. The PIP Button payment solution aims to transform the content creator economy by offering a faster, cheaper, and more efficient payment system by integrating major blockchains. Creators and service owners can incorporate the PIP button into their website - or third-party platform where they share creations - and unlock an extra revenue stream.

According to the team, the payment solution “will be as easy as making a new WordPress post or posting a new image/video to Instagram”, whereby users and content creators will only need to plug and play to start paying for their favourite content and receive seamless payments instantly. 

For users, they will be able to pay for unique content or goods by simply clicking a button, which boosts the adoption of blockchain and crypto as a global payment solution. Notwithstanding, the platform protects the users’ data by giving them full ownership and control over their data, which gives them the freedom to pay as they want. 

On the other hand, content creators can benefit tremendously from integrating additional payment methods without coding knowledge. The PIP button is an open system removing the need for signups and accounts, creating a frictionless solution. Furthermore, they can customize the PIP Button to their liking, ensuring it goes well with their branding, overlays, or stands more to draw attention to it. 

The Solana-based product will support Solana-based tokens and transactions including $SOL, $USDC, the native $PIP token, $SERUM, $ORCA, $KIN, and $RAY etc. Users and content creators will need to set up a wallet through Phantom Wallet or Slope Wallet to receive tokens as payment for creative content. 

Apart from the ease of installation, PIP Button will also provide a channel for users to tip and incentivize their favourite content creators. 

Finally, the PIP Button team aims to simplify the Web 3 payment systems completely by offering a full suite of product payments including social media channels. On launch, the users can create a PIP tag that will represent their wallet enabling them to share their payment channel (kind of like the Cash App tag) on social media including Twitter, facebook, Reddit, Discord and Twitch.

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