How Does Uniglo (GLO) Stand Out Among All 2022's Projects, Like Apecoin (APE) And StellaSwap (STELLA)?

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11w ago2022-08-01

It's been an interesting year so far in the crypto scene. While much of the market has struggled due to overall economic conditions, there are still plenty of hot new projects that have analysts predicting big things. It's important to remember that the current bear run won't last forever, and the coins that have stayed strong during it could be set up for huge success further down the line.

Some of them have even been performing well despite market conditions, and could skyrocket even further once the wider economy sorts itself out. So if you're looking for the stand-out options in crypto this year, you're in the right place.

It's also important to remember that you should think more about the long-term when investing in crypto right now. Forget the hourly charts, and buy tokens that have viable long-term futures and could revitalize your finances further down the line. Getting in early into the right projects is also key, that's because you have much more upside to potentially benefit from. Everyone focuses on Bitcoin and Ethereum and a few other big coins, but these have already had their major gains.

They may very well still go up, but they don't have the potential to go from $1 to $10,000 anymore. They already made those gains. So try and look for the next big thing in crypto rather than jumping on a bandwagon that's already a long way along its journey. And these could be the next big things in crypto:

Uniglo (GLO)

Uniglo is one of the hottest new ideas we've seen in crypto for some time. It's completely deflationary, and offers full community-driven democracy backed by a truly asset-backed store of value. As the globe becomes plagued by inflation, its dual-burn mechanics could revolutionalize your financial fortunes by offering an ultra-deflationary model. GLO could be the true gold-standard of the crypto world.

Apecoin (APE)

Apecoin is an incredibly unique project in the crypto world. It aims to digitize real-world events and could be key in the development of crypto entertainment options. Its token, APE, supports the development of entertainment options in the space, and analysts predict it has a big future in the art, gaming and event world. Now could be the right time to invest in APE.

StellaSwap (STELLA)

StellaSwap uses its own STELLA token at the center of a completely decentralized token marketplace. It aims to provide a simple and integrated entrance point to the DeFi world. It offers users a range of earning options including yield farming and more. It's also an easy-to-use platform for trading NFTs, and could be the future of a wide range of financial options becoming more accepted in the mainstream. Now could be the time to invest.


GLO, STELLA and APE are all incredibly interesting projects that give you the chance to invest and revolutionalize your portfolio at the perfect time. They might go on to massive gains, and you could be part of them, so have a closer look today.

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