Racing Meets Blockchain - Racing Social Club Running Real World Racing Events For NFT Holders

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Crypto Daily™
2d ago2022-06-23

Summary: Racing Social Club - the exclusive community of racing enthusiasts and NFT fans - is planning to bring the excitement of their digital races into the real world with physical meetups and RSC Races for NFT holders.

The impact that Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and their underlying technology - blockchain - are having on industries like gaming, collectables, digital art, and real estate is undeniable. However, this emerging technology is also reshaping other aspects of sports, entertainment, and competition. Racing Social Club, and the community’s new project, is the perfect example of this. 

RSC has taken one of the most exciting sports and combined it with innovative technology. Bringing together the thrill of an F1 race and the 360-degree experience that only the digital world can offer, the community has grown to welcome thousands of new members and provide each NFT holder with a randomly-generated racer from the collection.

As the Racing Social Club continues to grow and develop, new projects emerge, including the most recent ones: Metaracing, RSC Races, and Meetups. While the first takes place entirely in the digital world and allows NFT holders to race against each other through esports-style competition, RSC Races and Meetups are physical events to which all RSC NFT holders are invited.
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