Mega DeFi Projects To Invest In During 2022: Gnox (GNOX), Fantom (FTM) And Pancakeswap (CAKE)

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7w ago2022-08-05

Regardless of prevailing market conditions, DeFi (decentralised finance) continues to swell with more projects being released every day, and the current projects adding new utility. DeFi currently represents a haven for investors; with the current price of crypt assets, not only are they generating yields, but those yields will soar in value in the coming months. This article features three crypto projects heavily active in the DeFi space and ready to explode in value.

Gnox (GNOX)

Gnox is a protocol offering yield farming as a service and has created a single investment vehicle for DeFi exposure. The developers have called this stratagem Hold To Earn and brought much-needed simplicity to the rapidly evolving landscape. Securing yields in DeFi is possible; however, ensuring long-lasting and profitable yields is highly difficult with the constant flux in the sphere meaning investors must constantly monitor and adjust their holdings.

Gnox has built a treasury to earn for investors, funded via buy and sell taxes; this treasury is doing all the hard work for investors. Deployed in battle-tested DeFi protocols all the generated proceeds are swapped into stablecoin each month and split amongst GNOX holders. Gnox has entered its final presale stage. When this token launches on the open market and trading activity begins, the treasury will steadily accumulate and increase its yield-generating potential. When investors begin to receive stablecoin reflections and realise the passive income machine Gnox is, the desirability and thus the price of GNOX will soar.

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