Meet Crypto Twitter’s Latest Meme: ‘Let’s Form Group!’

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9w ago2022-08-03

As with every great meme that has graced this benighted civilization, it began with an elegant and moving story, captured in all its fleeting delicacy by a Forbes “contributor.”

The story appeared under the headline, “Tiffany & Co Releases Those CryptoPunk Pendants And They Are Expensive, Here’s All The Intel.” There followed a rollicking article about the co-president of Tiffany and Co., Alexandre Arnault, boosting the market value of a series of CryptoPunk-themed pendants by way of a “guerrilla marketing campaign via his personal social media handle.”

More importantly, this line midway through the article was immediately seized on by Crypto Twitter: “He signed off the tweet ‘LFG,’ the NFT community speak acronym meaning ‘let’s form group.’”

Was it a mistake, or was it providence shaping mankind’s destiny via lax editorial standards on the Forbes contributor network? Perhaps we shall never know since the writer has not (yet) replied to my request for comment, though she did, curiously, heart my message on Instagram DM.

In any event: The contributor in question, Stephanie Hirschmiller, incorrectly translated the very mainstream acronym “LFG,” which is universally understood to mean “let’s fucking go.” (It is also the favored rallying cry of NFL star and crypto promoter Tom Brady.) 

Cue the spit takes that flooded Crypto Twitter.