Hector Network Presents to Users an Continuously Evolving Ecosystem

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11w ago2022-08-02

The world of crypto and blockchain can seem complex and volatile at first, but the potential it holds becomes evident almost as soon as someone does their research and gets involved. The market has seen exponential growth over the last few years, but individual success often depends on finding the right platform. 

Hector was conceived in order to help users to overcome the intricacies of the industry and to provide them with a wide range of opportunities. Their growth has been so exponential that they have recently rebranded to Hector Network to better reflect the elaborate ecosystem they’ve built and to communicate their ambition to create a platform that a system that is sustainable to users right now and into the future. 

Developed on the Fantom Opera Chain, Hector Network provides a seamless experience to users. Fantom allows verification of transactions quickly and at low transaction fees, which was important to the founders. It is also compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which enables Hector Network to employ the tools and contracts from the Ethereum blockchain to benefit their community.

About the Hector Network Ecosystem

Hector Network comprises several projects, each exploring a different domain of the crypto space and offering a wide variety of opportunities to users. You may be wondering regarding the soccer turf graphic. This is due to their upcoming partnership with one of the biggest football clubs in the world. It would open a plethora of opportunities for Hector Network and boost its plan of occupying the space. The deal is in its final stages, with the name of the club to be released soon. As for now, Hector Network has confirmed that once the partnership goes public, it can reach out to millions of clients across the globe.

The first part of Hector Network is $TOR, one of the two coins on the platform. $TOR is a stablecoin, and as is the case with these, it is pegged to USD, meaning 1 $TOR = $1. 

To ensure the stability of $TOR and keep the peg intact, Hector Network has employed the simple principle of supply and demand. Suppose the value of $TOR falls below $1. In that case, users will start acquiring more of $TOR coins to capitalize on the opportunity, thus automatically increasing its demand and value until the $1 peg is reached. It is a simple and effective technique that has worked for ages in all domains.

Then comes the NFT marketplace, Atlantica, a cross-chain project starting first on the Fantom Opera Chain. It will offer numerous collections of digital art to users and inspire creativity amongst those who design the NFTs. Hector Network will also have its own collection, The Mythos Collection, comprising 16 artworks and a total of 10,000 NFTs, with five levels of rarity. Additionally there are rewards for those holding Mythos NFTs through the “Fantom Giveaway” and further benefits within their Ecosystem, as well as utility inside The OIKOS, their in-development Metaverse with Catheon Gaming!

The OIKOS will integrate the various components of Hector's ecosystem. Players will get to interact with each other inside the Metaverse, along with benefiting from options for advertising, real estate, and education. Hector Network plans to create a Metaverse that changes the way people presently look at it.

Also under development is Hector Launch, which will act as a launchpad for smaller projects on the platform. Hector Network will aid the best of the projects and help them overcome the intricacies and challenges of the market to succeed and make it big in the long run. 

And there’s a lot more to the Hector Network ecosystem, projects that will revolutionize the crypto space, protocols and features that offer rewards, and contracts that ensure stability. 

To find out more about Hector Network, visit the official website: https://hector.network/ 

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Telegram: https://t.me/Hector_Network

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Discord: https://discord.gg/hector

Instagram: https://instagram.com/hector_network

Medium: https://medium.com/@Hector_Network 

GitHub: https://github.com/Hector-Network

Telegram Announcement: https://t.me/HectorNetworkAnn

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