ChangeHero releases crypto app for iOS

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10w ago2022-06-20

Instant cryptocurrency exchange platform ChangeHero comes to iOS smartphones in the form of a mobile application. The new application comes with quality service of the main platform and new features.

App users will enjoy new opportunities: viewing transaction history and saving favorite addresses. In the history tab, most recent exchanges are saved automatically; they can later be repeated with the same inputs. As for the frequently used addresses, recent addresses will be saved to be prompted later or can be favorited manually. The transaction history and addresses get saved locally on the device, and ChangeHero is not granted access to this data

Using the mobile application comes to no detriment to the user experience: like on the main platform, users get a fair low fee with no extra cost, attentive customer service at any time and access with no registration or login. Swapping 100+ cryptocurrencies in any combination has never been so easily accessible.

“The ease of use and convenience for clients are our priorities, and I have confidence that the ChangeHero mobile app will be liked by both long-time users and newcomers starting their crypto journey.” - Alex White, CMO at ChangeHero

ChangeHero invites all iOS users to plug into the novel and exciting world of digital assets. With the mobile exchange app added to the roster and Android app coming soon, the platform continues growing.

About ChangeHero

ChangeHero is one of the leading instant cryptocurrency exchange platforms on the market. The platform is trusted by hundreds of thousand users worldwide, communities and market-leading partners.

With more than 100+ cryptocurrencies supported, ChangeHero finds the best rate across several liquidity providers in a matter of seconds. The platform offers quick and easy crypto exchanges with 24/7 quality customer support — all without the need to register a user account.

Glowing user reviews (4.7 on Trustpilot) highlight responsiveness of customer support, ease of use and quick service.

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