Can Logarithmic Finance (LOG) Be The Next Ethereum (ETH) In The Cryptocurrency Market?

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Crypto Daily™
4d ago2022-06-21

Today, there are at least 18,000 projects in the cryptocurrency market. Among them is Ethereum (ETH), which has since achieved “god” status for revolutionising how payments are conducted through DeFi.

For many years, analysts have regarded it as one of the best long-term crypto investments. 

As you know, not every crypto is worth the investment. To begin with, the massive number of cryptos available today makes it impossible to keep track of every one of them. There is, however, a new kid on the block that is gaining momentum since the cryptocurrency price plunge.

Suppose you follow cryptocurrency news. You may have heard about Logarithmic Finance (LOG). This article aims to give you insight into what makes this crypto unique and why it could be the next ETH in the cryptocurrency market.

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