Bored Ape Yacht Club and the Limitations of NFT Ownership

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6d ago2022-06-19

Crypto is in a brutal bear market and every day brings more price pain. But you wouldn't know it from the flood of party invitations for NFT NYC this week.

The event, which is more like a week of disjointed parties across Manhattan and Brooklyn than a typical conference in one building, will bring anons with Ape, Punk, Doodle, and Cool Cat PFPs from Twitter into real life to connect in person and pump their JPEGs.

Last year's NFT NYC, the inaugural edition, was in October and perhaps best characterized by a widely shared Input story headlined, "The Bored Apes take Manhattan." The piece, which mostly played it straight and quoted proud BAYC holders (many of them dressed up as their apes), was immediate fodder for eye-rolls and mocking on Twitter. "Read this to die instantly," said an Elle writer. A journalist at Chicago Reader tweeted, "My brain went pear-shaped reading that one ape is getting a memoir written by" Neil Strauss, the author of pickup guide The Game.