Binance to Temporarily Suspend Tron Deposits and Withdrawals in 3 Days

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10w ago2022-06-20

The world's biggest crypto trading venue, Binance, has stated in a recent blog post that it intends to carry out maintenance for Tron wallet starting on June 23.

The tweet in which the link to the post was shared does not specify when the maintenance will end, but it warns that all deposits and withdrawals will be suspended until the end of it.

The blog post, however, clarifies that the maintenance procedure will last one hour. During that time, Tron trading operations will continue. Binance does not plan to make any further announcements regarding the start of the technical procedure or the end of it.

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A week ago, Binance also suddenly suspended deposits and withdrawals of Bitcoin, stating that the issue was caused by a stuck on-chain transaction. Earlier on that day—June 13—Bitcoin's price suddenly collapsed to a low of $23,964, which now seems like a pretty high level as, at the time of this writing, BTC is trading at $20,554 after it had slightly recovered from dropping to the $19,259 level.